Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How long has it been?

As I sit here at midnight, looking for an excuse to stay awake when I should really be asleep, I realized that it has been roughly 8 months since my last post.  The good news is that it is simply because we have been keeping busy.  I took to the couponing thing, the triplets are 2 now, and Rowan is 4 going on 18. (Frankly, I'm jealous that she has a better sense of fashion than I do, but at least she hasn't figured out how to spend a credit card on the computer.  Yet.)

I took to extreme couponing back in May, and that has really saved our backsides.  6 people, living on the salary of a beekeeper.  My mom likes to refer to it as my hobby.  My dad tells me that as long as I have fun doing it, he is all for it.  I know I did not pay myself for three months last year, and the couponing thing kept my family in food, toilet paper, and diapers during that time.

Dave, well, is Dave.  Is he getting better?  Yes.  But frankly, one of the highpoints of this last year is the realization that he may call me by Rowan's name, but at least he is not calling me by someone else's name.  Some woman who I never met.  Or some guy who I never met.  Yea, life could be worse.

My parents flew back home last November, and that seems to have helped things around here.  Dave is spending less time on the tv and computer, mostly because I keep him busy.  I have a full-time employee in the office who I trust, and I hope he never leaves or asks for more money.  Dave's sugar level is increasing, which means he is one step closer to needing insulin, but we aren't there yet.

As I'm reading through this, I'm realizing it is sounding rather like a Christmas letter, so I'm going to stop here.  When I am more awake, I'll describe my adventures in trying to get Dave to take karate lessons.  Right now, I need something less cerebral.