Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Boys Are Here!!!!!

For anyone who has been wondering, the triplets have arrived!

ONE of my waters broke on 7/30 (there were three amniotic sacs, only one broke...), but the docs were able to delay delivery for a few more days - it allowed a few injections of steroids to help develop their lungs. After all, they were born at only 29 weeks and 2 days!

Pics are below - Arthur Raymond Titus, 2lb 14oz, 15 1/2"; Brannon Ash Titus, 3lb 5oz, 15 3/4", Charles Ares Titus, 2lb 13.7oz, 15 1/2". These are the birth pics - they are off the ventilators, breathing tubes, and IV's. They are fed milk via feeding tubes (they are still learning to swallow), and are being treated for jaundice and sleep apnea (which is "normal" for preemies). We are allowed to hold them, they seem to recognize our voices, and they track fingers in front of their faces. In general, we are extremely pleased with their progress. Since we live an hour away, we are trying to see them every other day. When I heal up enough (I had a c-section), I hope to get a room at the local Ronald McDonald house so I can spend every day with them!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dave's Stroke in the Bay Weekly

If anyone is interested - this is an article that was published a year or two ago regarding the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I have been a part of the MD Renfaire ( for about 20 years now, in one form or another. I dragged poor Dave into this when we started dating..... And now The Bee Folks ( is a major attraction at the festival.

I was approached by a reporter for the Bay Weekly looking for stories of interest from the Renaissance Faire. We initially spoke by phone, and she eventually came to our office to see our operations and to hear more. Some of what she took away that day made it into her article, including a mention of Dave's stroke and the Faire's reaction to it.

The entire article is interesting and is an accurate representation of the Faire, but if you want to skip to Dave's part, look for the section titled "The Spirit of Revel Grove", about half-way down the page.